Drake Park

Maralee_Park_130124_42320-EditMaralee_Park_130124_42288_7_6One of my favorite places in Bend is Drake Park.  It is situated in the center of town.  Maybe one of the reasons I like it so much is that it was one of the first places I visited when I first came to Bend and the beauty just took my breath away.

Maralee_Park_130124_42292-EditThe park was named after Alexander M. Drake . . . not for all the geese that reside there.

Leaves encased in ice
Leaves encased in ice

In the summer they have free concerts in the park along with many other events.  In the winter, you will find kids out sliding on a small hill . . . when there is snow.

The Deschutes River runs along the park and in the summer you will always find kayakers and people floating in inner tubes trying to get some relief from the heat.

I love the views in the winter when the mountains are covered with snow.


13 Replies to “Drake Park”

  1. Great photos and area. I spent several years fishing the Deschutes from Maupin to the Columbia. I highly recommend the Metolius River to photograph also. -Max-

    1. We have strange winters here. We are on the east side of the Cascades so most of the snow gets soaked up by the mountains. We do get snow . . . sometimes lots of it. But it’s too warm for it to stick around for very long. The daily temperatures in January have been in the 40’s and 50’s. Often times we get the heaviest snowfalls in February and March.

  2. What a beautiful town you live in Maralee… that mountain with its icing on top of it… wonderful.. looks good enough to eat… I read your reply about the winter temps… and I must ask.. does the mountain ever have snow on its peak in summer.?? It just looks high enough for it to happen…

    1. It is a gorgeous town. There is usually some snow on the mountains all year long, but most of it melts off in the summer. Our summer comes late so you will see people skiing on the mountain into June sometimes. They close the ski lifts at the end of May, but there are always the die-hards that will walk up the ski hills so they can ski down.

  3. Beautiful views of the mountains and you have captured beauty for us again. The last photo is my pick, with everything included – river, forest and mountain.

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