This waterfall is a part of the complex where I live. A couple of weeks ago it was covered in snow and you could barely see the water. Now the snow has receded a bit and we can finally see the water. Maralee


The subdivision where I live has a man-made stream running along a portion of the walking path. I enjoy walking along here because it is so pretty and I love the sound of the water. Maralee

Fire and Rescue

On one of my walks this week, I came across the Bend Fire and Rescue training in the rapids along the river.  The water is fast and cold and these people have to be in great shape to be able to swim against the water in these conditions. They will be putting their training to …

Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway 1

Yesterday we took our friend along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway.  Our first stop was at beautiful Sparks Lake.  We had an incredibly beautiful fall day.  The mountains had a light dusting of snow on them. Maralee