I have been photographing images for as long as I can remember.  Everything I have learned about photography has been through trial and error…and a lot of reading.

Last year I challenged myself to publish a photo every day.  I learned a lot during that year.

I believe that I can become a better photographer by getting constructive critiques from other photographers.  Please feel free to publish your comments.

45 Replies to “About”

  1. Thank You for visit my blog. I have just buy my first reflex camera and i was a novice in photografy. I like very much visit blogs of other people with passion for photografy…


  2. Thank you so much for the visits to my blog, a true honor from another Nikonian (sly grin)! I may not be able to do an image a day, but I am sure going to begin a series on prime lens photography. And I think I will start off with 50mm. Thanks so much for additing to the creative flow of our world.

  3. Hi Maralee, please check out my today’s post, about awards and more… I’ve mentioned you there ’cause you’ve nominated me once ~or twice~ and to show my respect for your work 😀

  4. Maralee – I have nominated you or given you the .., “The Adurna Blue Best Follower Award” – a very special award because it goes to our support here – and your one of my best and very special to me. http://wp.me/p293Pw-22q – no rules nothing .. just to accept.

  5. Hi, Maralee. I learned photography in much the same way as you. At least it is not something that I studied in school. My dad taught me, and he learned the trial and error way, too. Thank you for coming to Gwichyaa Zhee. It is always gratifying to know people respect something that comes from deep inside.

  6. Hi Maralee! I came across your blog because I searched for blogs that have the same name as mine! 🙂
    I’m very impressed with the first few photos I saw, something tells me I’ll be back for more (Hey! That rhymes! :))

  7. Finally, a portrait of someone holding their camera properly. I teach photography to local friends and acquaintances. Good basic habits are so crucial to the rest of your camera years. Bravo for doing it right and for a great blog. – Bob

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