Common Merganser

This male merganser (and its mate) showed up at the river last night just as I was getting ready to leave. I think he is very handsome. Maralee

Face to Face

I came face to face with this duck at a pond today. He didn't seem the least bit intimidated. Maralee


A couple more photos from our photo "walkabout" Friday evening. It was a beautiful evening at the park. Maralee

Hitting the Streets

Prior to going out to shoot the stars at Smith Rock on Friday, our photo meet up group did a "walkabout" in town. I am NOT a street photographer so this was a bit out of my comfort zone. But it is always good to try something different and I had fun. Maralee

Smith Rock at Night

I went out with the photography meet up group last night with a plan to shoot star trails at Smith Rock. When we arrived there was quite a bit of cloud cover which obscured most of the stars. The half-moon was glowing through the clouds which made it fairly light. I took these shots at …