My little hummingbird is still a regular at my feeders. When I got up this morning, the feeders were frozen. I thawed them out and as I was putting it back outside, I heard the swoosh of the hummingbird behind me. He was at the feeder less than 10 seconds after I put his fender out. With a cold blast in our forecast, I’m hoping they will be okay. I will be switching out feeders during the day to be sure they have food. 


5 Replies to “Hummingbird”

    1. I’ve been changing out their nectar about every hour. This morning it was 5 degrees and my little hummer was sitting in a tree next to the feeder. I brought out fresh food and he went right to it. I can’t believe what hardy little birds they are.

      1. Hope for the best and a break in the weather. We’re about to have an ice storm, so I worry about the birds here as well. Throwing out extra food and will do so throughout the event.

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