My little hummingbird is still a regular at my feeders. When I got up this morning, the feeders were frozen. I thawed them out and as I was putting it back outside, I heard the swoosh of the hummingbird behind me. He was at the feeder less than 10 seconds after I put his fender …


I watched this heron for about an hour yesterday going from  place to place. The great blue heron is the largest heron in North America and has a wingspan of about 6 feet. When it spreads its wings, it is a beautiful sight.

Early Morning Heron

Even though our days have been unseasonably warm, the mornings are still quite cold. Yesterday it was 25 degrees when I went out. I found my heron standing in the shade. by a small waterfall. It was dark enough that I almost didn’t see him. I waited for the sun to rise to get some …

Heron Stalking

Over the weekend, I went down to the river to hunt down the great blue heron. I didn't have to go far - it was in one of its regular spots. It was cold and windy, yet it just stood there in the very cold water. You can see how cold it was by the …

Kingfisher Perch

There is an art sculpture at the river called “Kingfisher Perch” which was installed in 2016. Up until this past weekend, I had never seen a kingfisher perched on the sculpture. This one seemed to be enjoying the view.