Osprey Breakfast

It has been a week since I was up at the osprey nest. During that week we had historically high temperatures (108 degrees) and I was concerned about the welfare of the chicks. Thankfully, the family survived and the babies are continuing to grow. Dad brought home a nice fish for the hungry babies.

Momma Osprey

The worst of our dangerous heat wave has passed although it is still much hotter than normal. At least it hasn't hit 100 degrees yet today. Last I heard the osprey family had survived the excessive heat. Momma

Staying Cool

Even the birds are staying in the shade trying to stay cool. Hopefully this "heat dome" will be ending after today and then temperatures will go down slightly. They'll still be above normal but at least not in triple digits. This robin has a nice juicy caterpillar lunch Mourning dove staying cool under a tree