I have been keeping my eye on an osprey pair that appear to have eggs in their nest. Mom has been sitting on the nest for the past month and dad has been standing guard when he's not out getting food. According to other people who have been observing this pair, the eggs should be …

The Owlet

I've been observing an owlet and it's mother for a few days. Yesterday I discovered there are actually two owlets. They stay pretty secluded high up in a tree but I was able to get a little video footage. In the last frames you can see mom sitting on a branch above the owlet. Maralee …

An Owl Has Got to Eat

While this might be disturbing to some, it is a part of life and this owl has a baby to feed. I feel bad for the bird, but I'm glad mom got some food for baby. Maralee

Owlet and Mom

This is the owlet from yesterday with mom sleeping next to it. If the owlet hadn't  been here I would never have seen mom - she blended right into the tree. Maralee