Barn Swallow

This barn swallow perched on this branch over the river and sat there for quit a while. It was a very bright day and the sun was a bit overpowering. Maralee

Mid-Morning Snack

This little sparrow came out of the bushes with a nice, juicy caterpillar. These photos are quite grainy as it was in the shadow of some very large trees and I had to increase my ISO to get the shots. Maralee

Cedar Waxwing

I was walking along the river this morning and this cedar waxwing flew onto a branch in the river. It sat there and posed for several minutes. I love its hairdo. Maralee

Yellow Headed Blackbird

This is a female yellow-headed blackbird. While the male has a very striking yellow head (see my post from May 31st here), the female doesn't have as much yellow in its head. Maralee

Cinnamon Teal Duck

Within the United States, the Cinnamon Teal Duck is strictly a western duck. This was a first sighting for me, although the migration map of the cinnamon teal shows that I live in a common breeding area. I guess I haven't been looking in the right places. It has a fairly large bill which has …