Ring-necked Duck

Ring-necked duck

There were several varieties of ducks on the river. This ring-necked duck was the first one I saw. They are a diving duck and a bit smaller than a mallard. I love the markings on his bill.

Is Spring on the Way?

The sun finally appeared yesterday afternoon. It was so nice to see a little blue sky and warmer temperatures. I hope in continues. The robins were happy too. Maralee

Red Red Robin

With all the snow we've had lately, the robins have really stood out against all of the white. And because it has also been so cold, they are more puffed up than we normally see them.   Maralee

Winter Wonderland

After last week's record snowfall, we are now "blessed" with freezing fog. While it is beautiful and becomes a winter wonderland, enough is enough. Bring on spring. Maralee