O Christmas Tree

Bend Oregon City Christmas Tree

I've been having a hard time getting out shooting lately. There's something about the cold and dark that makes me want to hibernate. I did get out in the early morning recently and took a couple of photos of the city Christmas tree. Maralee

Cold Morning

Early morning mountains

Winter has arrived and although we don't have much snow . . . yet . . . it is cold. The mornings have been exceptionally cold but I forced myself outside to get a few shots of the mountains against the morning sky. It was about 15 degrees F and I was only able to …

Road Trip Part 1

Mt. Jefferson, Oregon Cascades

We took a day trip over the mountains yesterday to attend an event. Normally I don't like to drive over the mountain passes in winter but winter has not yet arrived here. In fact, it was a gorgeous, sun-filled day and the mountains were spectacular. We didn't have time to stop to take photos so …

Sunset Last Night

Fiery sunset

With the smoke from the fires around us, there is a constant haze over us. This was last night's sunset with the sun setting  behind the mountains. Maralee