Sparks Lake Sunset

Our Saturday excursion to Sparks Lake for star trails photography started earlier in the evening for the sunset. The sunset wasn't particularly dramatic without any clouds in the sky. The red-orange color in the background is smoke from a wildfire off in the distance. But there were people out in their canoes and kayaks enjoying …

Hazy Sunset

We have several wildfires in the region an although none of them is particularly close to us, there is a slight haze in the sky. This photo was taking just after sunset on Saturday night and there was a golden glow to the sky. Maralee

Morning on the River

It has been very hot here lately and the only good time to get out and walk is early in the morning. I don't think I've seen a cloud in the sky in a couple of weeks. But the mornings are beautiful and comfortable. Maralee

The Mountains

This winter we had an exceptional amount of snow and although the snow in town has been gone for more than a month, the mountains are still getting a lot of snow. There is still about 140" of snow on the mountains. That should help us this summer during fire season and it will keep …

Good Morning Sunshine

As I was driving to work this morning, there were some dark clouds over the mountains, but behind me the sun was breaking. I went down to the river, hoping that I'd get a beautiful glow on the mountains. That didn't happen but I did get some beautiful sun rays coming through and highlighting some …