The second half of our portrait class was using natural light.  It was one of those very dark, gray, raining days so lighting was a challenge.  We had to crank up the ISO so there was quite a bit more grain in the natural light photos than the studio light photos.  But we had a …


On Saturday, I took a class on portrait photography at the Cascade Center of Photography.  The class was limited to eight people and we divided into groups of 4, each group covering studio lighting and natural light. We had two beautiful models and had so much fun photographing them.  These are a few photos of …

Sunrise at the Park

I took these photos Friday morning at Drake Park.  The sun was rising behind me and the glow on the mountains was gorgeous.  It appears we have had a slight dusting of snow already this year.  Winter isn't far behind. Maralee

Morning Sillhouette

I took a short detour on my way to work yesterday and stopped down by the river.  It was another gorgeous morning and I thought the ducks and geese might be active. The sunrise was stunning and it cast a beautiful glow on the water. Maralee