The second half of our portrait class was using natural light.  It was one of those very dark, gray, raining days so lighting was a challenge.  We had to crank up the ISO so there was quite a bit more grain in the natural light photos than the studio light photos.  But we had a beautiful model and we rose to the challenge of low light.


PortraitClassMaralee-7718January 17, 2015 PortraitClassMaralee-7719January 17, 2015 PortraitClassMaralee-7732January 17, 2015 PortraitClassMaralee-7734January 17, 2015 PortraitClassMaralee-7757January 17, 2015 PortraitClassMaralee-7768January 17, 2015

9 Replies to “Brittany”

  1. I really do love these. I don’t mind them a bit dark, and I have to say, a bit of grain can be very nice in portraits. The second one has a second catch light in the eyes, though. Where is that coming from? Almost looks like a fill flash or perhaps some ambient light from a lamp? The right side of her face is warmer than the left. Gold reflector for fill?

    1. We were using all sorts of things. There was no fill flash used in any of them although I may have caught someone’s “pre-flash” light in a couple of photos. We tried using both gold reflectors and white reflectors. But it was one of those really gray raining days where there wasn’t even a whole lot of natural light coming through the windows.

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