Ice on the River

Ice Balls

We had a few cold days where the water froze on the branches on the river. It has since warmed up which is fine with me. Maralee

Water and Ice

Even though we don't have any snow yet, it's been cold enough for water on the streams to freeze and create some nice ice formations. Still no snow in the forecast. A big change from last year when we had record snowfall. Maralee

Ice Abstracts

We have had some beautiful, clear days but it has been very cold. What little water is left in the canals has frozen over with some interesting abstracts. I photographed a few on a walk along the canal today. Maralee


On Friday we had a lot of heavy, wet snow. Once it stopped, it cleared up, got very cold, and everything froze. I took a walk just before sunset and photographed some of the frozen ice on the trees. While it was difficult to walk on the icy pathways, it was very pretty. Maralee