Barred Owl

Photographing an owl in the wild has always been one of my goals.  So when I heard that a barred owl had been frequenting a local park recently, I packed up my gear and went to search for the little fellow.  It didn’t take long to find him.  A dead give-away was the number of photographers there with tripods and cameras set up.

Maralee_Park_130126_42390-EditActually, there were only three photographers there, but I knew I was in the right spot.  Only thing is, the owl was taking a nap in a pine tree and it was hard to get a clear shot of him.  I was there for over an hour and he didn’t move much.  These photos were the best I could do with the limitations the owl provided.  I was using a 300mm lens and it still didn’t get close enough without having to do some cropping.

Maralee_Park_130126_42399-EditI will probably go back to the park and check it out another time.


22 Replies to “Barred Owl”

    1. I’ve been chasing owls for so long to take photos of them but they are very elusive. I guess this one has been seen hunting in daylight so maybe there’s a chance I’ll get a better photo. We had a couple of great horned owls on a tree at our home that we could hear. We could see him with a spotlight but I wasn’t able to photograph it.

    1. We had a couple of great horned owls hanging around our house and I could hear them at night talking to each other. I was able to see one very early one morning with binoculars but it was still too dark to attempt to photograph it. Then it flew off.

  1. These are great captures… owls are not the easiest bird to capture on camera for obvious reasons… and the darn sleeping during the day, could they not just offer us one good eye open shot… I love these captures Maralee I think the show off the bird magnificently…

  2. Maralee,
    You should have been in your hometown today. This afternoon I drove down by the coast guard station to do the turn around. There was something in the middle of the road in front of Shoreline Hotel. I looked down and was shocked to see a white owl with some markings on it. It was obviously a snowy owl. I made a u-turn and tried to take a pic with my cell phone. A man walked over to me and said that he thought the owl was injured- like a broken wing or something. The owl was able to walk across the street by itself and settled into the snow by a tree. It was really a large owl. The man said that DNR had been notified about the owl. Two hours later, I drove by, and it was still sitting in the snow. There was no answer at DNR, so I called law enforcement. They said that they knew about it since yesterday. Boo and I went down to see if it was still there at about 6:30pm, and it was gone. I am hoping that it got the help it needs. What a beautiful bird, but my cell phone pic didn’t turn out. There were no owl paparazzi in G.M. Today!
    Love, Judy

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