Owl – Still Around

I've been checking up on the owls and although they keep pretty well hidden, I've seen a couple of them. This morning I found the adult in cave-like area high on the cliffs. I came back this evening and he/she was still at the same location. It has the most amazing eyes. Maralee

Owlet #1

It has been a week since I last saw the owlets. I wasn't sure if they were still around or if they had left the area. I saw one of them this evening so I'm sure the other one isn't far away. This one has lost most of its fuzziness and looks very much like …


The two owlets were in another crevice not too far from where its parent stood (slept) watch. This one was awake and very aware of me taking photos of it. The other owlet slept the entire time I was there. As you can see, a lot of the baby owlet fuzz has disappeared. Maralee