The Owlet

I've been observing an owlet and it's mother for a few days. Yesterday I discovered there are actually two owlets. They stay pretty secluded high up in a tree but I was able to get a little video footage. In the last frames you can see mom sitting on a branch above the owlet. Maralee …

Owlet and Mom

This is the owlet from yesterday with mom sleeping next to it. If the owlet hadn't  been here I would never have seen mom - she blended right into the tree. Maralee

Owl – Still Around

I've been checking up on the owls and although they keep pretty well hidden, I've seen a couple of them. This morning I found the adult in cave-like area high on the cliffs. I came back this evening and he/she was still at the same location. It has the most amazing eyes. Maralee

Owlet #1

It has been a week since I last saw the owlets. I wasn't sure if they were still around or if they had left the area. I saw one of them this evening so I'm sure the other one isn't far away. This one has lost most of its fuzziness and looks very much like …