Big Sky

The wildlife was exciting to see and every day brought us something new. But the scenery was also spectacular. It truly is big sky country. The plains seem to go on forever and we were surrounded by beauty.


We found this lioness close to the Mara River near the area where the wildebeest often cross. There were no crossings happening at this time so she just found a nice little mound to lie down and relax.


These hippos were sunbathing on the banks of the Mara River just below our Wild-Eye Camp. We passed by the remnants of this hippo by the side of the road every day.  


Vultures are a common sight in Kenya. They play a very important role in cleaning up carion. Once the predators are finished eating their share, the vultures and hyenas move in to clean up the rest. When all is said and done, there is hardly a bone left as evidence that an animal had been …