Variations on a Flower

It was a foggy, dreary day here yesterday.  I had the day off and used some of the time to photograph my Schlumbergera plant (aka Christmas Cactus) which is flowering now. I had fun playing around with Photoshop and NIK Software to come up with variations on the same flower. Any favorites? Maralee


I believe this is a red-tailed hawk but even after looking in my bird book, I'm not 100% sure.  I'm sure someone can tell me for sure. This bird was sitting on the wire Friday night when I went to take the sunset/moonrise photos.  I didn't stop on my way because I didn't want to …

Park Bench

What could be nicer than to spend a little time sitting on a park bench overlooking the river on a gorgeous fall day? Maralee


The reflections of the autumn colors in the water at the Park this week were stunning.  I enjoyed watching the ducks and geese swimming in the reflections. Maralee