Maralee_Park_131019_55534-EditI believe this is a red-tailed hawk but even after looking in my bird book, I’m not 100% sure.  I’m sure someone can tell me for sure.

This bird was sitting on the wire Friday night when I went to take the sunset/moonrise photos.  I didn’t stop on my way because I didn’t want to miss the sunset and moonrise.  Maralee_Park_131018_55421-Edit-2But he was still sitting there on my way home, and although there wasn’t much light, I stopped.  I had to crank my ISO up as high as I could to get any photo at all.  I got out of my car to get as close as I could.  Maralee_Park_131018_55420-EditStill, the photos were nothing but a silhouette with a lot of grain.

Maralee_Park_131019_55584-EditWhen I take photos, I get totally immersed in what I’m doing and often don’t pay attention to what’s going on around me.  In the recesses of my brain I heard a dog barking but it wasn’t until he was charging toward me that I realized he was coming after me.  I did a quick mental calculation on whether I could get to my car before the dog got to me . . . it was a close calculation.  Lucky for me, the dog stopped within the borders of his yard – maybe they had an invisible fence.  But it sure got my adrenaline flowing.

Maralee_Park_131019_55531-EditOn my way back from taking the sunrise/moonset photos yesterday morning, the hawk was back on his perch and the lighting was wonderful.

I took these from the safety of inside of my car.  🙂


27 Replies to “Hawk”

  1. Hard to tell because of the lighting (wonderful lighting for photography, but not wonderful for identification). The one way to know for sure is the tail (obviously), and it’s not lit. I can see some banding, and based on the coloring of the body, it probably is a Red-tailed. However that too might be off because of the “golden hour” light. Did you notice a red tail (upper portion) when it took flight?

    Oh, and nice capture.

    1. I couldn’t tell while he was sitting on the wire. And truth be told, when he took flight the night before was just about the time I realized a dog was coming straight for me so I didn’t pay any attention at all to what color the tail was. 🙂

  2. Awcapture captures Maralee.. Glad the invisible fence stopped that dog :-). There is just something awesome about Hawks as well as Eagles. Maybe because they are the ultimate predators of the sky? 🙂

  3. Maralee, fantastic photos … taken from inside the car!! Some majestic birds – he probably had found a great hunting ground and maybe he wanted to say hello to his new neighbor. I never heard that a hawk attracts a human, but maybe they do .. but dogs I believe, because swans chase dogs. Glad that you got away.

      1. Yes, he must have a great view over his hunting ground .. and there must be a good feed too .. because he returns.
        Your photos are stunning.

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