A Walk in the Woods

It was actually a walk along the river but there are trees all along the trail. It has finally cooled down enough to allow me to walk on my lunch break. I didn't see much as far as birds and wildlife but there were a few other interesting things to see. Maralee

Another Smokey Sunset 

We've had a lot of smoke in the area recently. Unhealthy amounts. It has cleared a bit over us but it's still wuite thick over the mountains. I was able to go for a short walk right about sunset. It sure was pretty. 

Sunrise at the Park

I took these photos Friday morning at Drake Park.  The sun was rising behind me and the glow on the mountains was gorgeous.  It appears we have had a slight dusting of snow already this year.  Winter isn't far behind. Maralee

Morning Sillhouette

I took a short detour on my way to work yesterday and stopped down by the river.  It was another gorgeous morning and I thought the ducks and geese might be active. The sunrise was stunning and it cast a beautiful glow on the water. Maralee


We had the most spectacular moon set yesterday morning.  As I left home for work, the moon was a huge ball closing in on the horizon.  I quickly went to the canal to take photos. The sky was an incredible shade of lavender and purple.  The morning was quite chilly and there was a mist …