We are heading to the end of hummingbird season. Today was the first day where it was cool enough to be "sweatshirt" weather. Actually, it wasn't that cold but after 90-100 degree temperatures, 68 felt pretty cool. The hummingbirds are still pretty active and feeding a lot. I guess they're getting ready for the long …



These photos were taken on a very bright, sunny day. I spot metered and spot focused on the swan to isolate it and get a very dark background. Maralee


While stalking the heron a couple of days ago, a kingfisher flew up and perched on a wooden post across the river. I don't see kingfishers very often and when I do, they do sit there to let me take a photograph. The lighting was terrible - it was very bright behind the bird. and …

High Impact

When I opened my curtains the other day, I saw this imprint on my window. This poor bird must have been in full flight when it hit the window. It was either a mourning dove or a pigeon. I went out to see if there was a dead bird lying there but there was nothing. …