Unknown Bird

I saw this little bird at the part the other day and didn't know what it was.  I figured someone in the blogesphere would know.  It had a blue/black body and a rust colored head.  Any ideas? Maralee


When I was first introduced to the cedar waxwing last year, my first thought was that it looked like Zorro with the mask over its eyes (or maybe the Lone Ranger). I saw my first cedar waxwings of the season this year as I drove up my driveway.  They stayed long enough for me to …

A Couple of Old Coots

When I was down by the river this weekend, I saw these strange-looking birds.  I thought they were black ducks.  I searched the internet for black ducks with white bill and lo and behold . . . they're coots. Maralee

Barred Owl

Photographing an owl in the wild has always been one of my goals.  So when I heard that a barred owl had been frequenting a local park recently, I packed up my gear and went to search for the little fellow.  It didn't take long to find him.  A dead give-away was the number of …