Maralee_Park_130315_43918-EditWhen I was first introduced to the cedar waxwing last year, my first thought was that it looked like Zorro with the mask over its eyes (or maybe the Lone Ranger).

Maralee_Park_130315_43939-EditI saw my first cedar waxwings of the season this year as I drove up my driveway.  They stayed long enough for me to grab my camera to take a few photos.  They even let me get fairly close to the tree they were in and walk around it a bit before flying off to the next tree.

Maralee_Park_130315_43942-EditI think they are beautiful birds.


20 Replies to “Zorro”

  1. So beautiful they are … and I love the shades in the one in the top photo – fantastic shots again. Cute and a bit mysterious – just like Zorro. My pick has to be the one with 4 in the picture.

  2. You’re absolutely right ! Totally looks like Zorro. I love the waxwings, and you captured them so beautifully. I’m waiting for their visit to eat all the holly berries that are ready for them on their travel route.

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