Cedar Waxwing

I was walking along the river this morning and this cedar waxwing flew onto a branch in the river. It sat there and posed for several minutes. I love its hairdo. Maralee

Cedar Wax Wing

Cedar Waxwing

We had a beautiful first day of summer yesterday. I took a short walk by the river and happened to see this cedar waxwing fly into a nearby tree. With all the foliage on the trees now it is hard to see the birds. I did not do any color enhancement with these photos - …


When I was first introduced to the cedar waxwing last year, my first thought was that it looked like Zorro with the mask over its eyes (or maybe the Lone Ranger). I saw my first cedar waxwings of the season this year as I drove up my driveway.  They stayed long enough for me to …