KingfisherWhile stalking the heron a couple of days ago, a kingfisher flew up and perched on a wooden post across the river. I don’t see kingfishers very often and when I do, they do sit there to let me take a photograph. The lighting was terrible – it was very bright behind the bird. and it was quite a distance away, so even with my 500mm lens and extensive cropping, it was difficult to get a really good shot.




4 Replies to “Kingfisher”

  1. Those are wonderful images! I really like your second image. What a profile! This bird was my Nemesis for years! They’re so, so skittish!
    A couple of years ago I happened upon one at a Wildlife Refuge that wasn’t bothered by any person at. all. I couldn’t believe my luck! It hasn’t happened since. 🙂

    The male Harrier remains my Nemesis sadly. I am hopeful that I’ll get a great shot at one someday.

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