A Year of Wildlife – Day 1 – Merganser

On January 1, 2012, I started this photo blog. It began as a 365 project – I would take a photo a day for the entire year. I accomplished that goal and, although thereafter it wasn’t on a daily basis, I continued to regularly post photos.


Today marks Day 1 of the 7th year of this blog and I decided I would attempt another 365 project, but have a specific focus. So 2018 is going to be a year of wildlife. It will probably consist of more birds than anything else since that is what I generally see on a daily basis.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be posting other photos, such as landscape, people, etc. But I will be making a conscious effort to take wildlife photos every day.Two female mergansersMerganser

I had hoped that my first day I would be able to capture a photo of my favorite heron. I went to the river where I usually see it but it wasn’t there. I walked a little ways down the river but when I came across a warning sign saying that a cougar had been sighted there, I decided to turn around. As much as I’d love to have a cougar photo in my wildlife series, walking along the river by myself and possibly coming face to face with a cougar wasn’t my idea of a good time. The chances of seeing one are slim but I didn’t want to take any chances. So, I had to settle for a merganser.

I hope you all have a fantastic 2018.


8 Replies to “A Year of Wildlife – Day 1 – Merganser”

    1. That’s what I do . . . comfort people.

      Strangely, unlike you, many people don’t realize they’ve been comforted.

      Seriously, walking alone where there are cougars should raise your awareness to levels that might take away from the enjoyment of the walk. A neighbor where we used to live would go on walks and let her two (small) kids run ahead or stay behind as she walked. I tried to explain to her that’s not a good idea, but she got obviously irritated at me saying anything.

      When we went on walks, we always had a big can of bear spray with us and my aluminum monopod extended to about 2ft (makes a great club). That’s on top of one of us carrying more lethal forms of self-defense.

      . . . no; not my deadly sarcasm. Overly cautious, perhaps, but it’s not like there had not been both bear and cougars attacks in the area. Although I admit, I’m generally the type of person who is likely to buy earthquake insurance even when living in an area that hasn’t had an earthquake in recorded memory, so take my advice with a grain of salt as I am very risk-averse when it comes to physical harm (except when I speed with my car, played RB, and play mountain goat on lava rocks).

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