Weekly Challenge: Carefree

On a hot summer day, one of the most popular places to be here in Bend is floating on the Deschutes River. Whether it be by kayak, paddle board, canoe or raft, hundreds of people get out to relax and enjoy floating on the river. Maralee


While I was at the park waiting for the balloons to start up this past weekend, I wandered around the river for a little while.  At a popular entry point to the river I found one shoe and some inner tubes that someone had left. Maralee

Sunrise on the Mountains

As I was driving to work yesterday morning, I could see the sunrise starting to touch the tops of the mountains and a beautiful pink/lavender glow in the sky.  I took a small detour and went to the park to take photos at the river. Sometimes mornings like these take my breath away. Maralee