Winter Hummingbird

It was 30 degrees outside, yet this little guy was hanging out in my back yard. I plan on keeping nectar out for them all winter just in case they stay around all winter.

Red Red Robin

With all the snow we've had lately, the robins have really stood out against all of the white. And because it has also been so cold, they are more puffed up than we normally see them.   Maralee

Snow Day

Winter has arrived. It started snowing yesterday and hasn't stopped. This morning I woke up to almost a foot of snow on the ground and spent and hour trying to dig out. It's still snowing so I think I'll be going out to shovel snow several times today just to keep up with it. Maralee

Ice on the River

Ice Balls

We had a few cold days where the water froze on the branches on the river. It has since warmed up which is fine with me. Maralee