Day 113 – Metolius


We had been planning all week to take a drive up to Camp Sherman and the Metolius River to do some hiking and photography.  We knew the weather was going to be fabulous.  What I didn’t plan on was me falling and twisting my ankle yesterday.  So, walking any distance was not an option for me.  But we drove up there anyway.


We were looking for a particular camping area we had been told about but I either didn’t write the directions very well or we took a wrong turn, but we never did find it.  But we found some areas of burned out forest that was fairly striking against the blue sky and white clouds.


We stopped at a fish hatchery on the way back and did a short walk from there.  I walked just as much as my ankle would allow.


As we were driving home, there were beautiful thunderclouds forming so there’s a possibility of a thunderstorm this evening.



29 Replies to “Day 113 – Metolius”

  1. Oh no, a sprained ankle on one of the first perfect days for a hike. I love your photos. Makes me wish we were there fishing instead of home re-organiznig closets while Sweet Hubs pressure washes the deck. The weather was amazing here.

      1. The weather made me feel so energized. We had a weekend off the prior weekend so it felt good to start going through closets and de-cluttering. Inspired by having ALL my mom’s stuff still stuffed in our house and filling our warehouse after she died last fall. We are committed to not leave behind such a pile of ‘stuff’ for our kids when we go. Also when we finally realize our dream to move to Bend area we don’t want to take it with us!! 😉

  2. So sorry about your ankle! Take your time and let it heal (I would have told you to NOT do the trip altogether until you were mended, but too late for that!). Lovely photos. Especially love “Trout in training.” 🙂

  3. Seems like the ankle didn’t prevent you from getting some good shots. The last 3 are great! I lack the intiative right now to do a shot a day but everytime I see your work I get closer. I think I might start with a shot a week.

  4. Ooooh the ankle… too bad and I hope – as everybaody else that you’ll recover soon!- , but it didn’t keep you staying at home I see… I recognize myself in doing so… great shots you have here… I love the mountJefferson

  5. These are wonderful photos Maralee! What a gorgeous river – I can see why you’d head out there with a camera.

  6. An hurting ankle and still holding the grip of the camera. The trout photo is my favourite – hope you are not in any major pain. A twisted ankle can hurt terrible, done it once. You sound to be in a good spirit.

  7. Great pics… Love the river… trout… Mt Jefferson… really all were beautiful. Take it easy. Maybe that ankle is just telling you to slow down…but with the camera still in your hands 🙂

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