Maple Hill Church

Maple Hill Church

While I was back in Minnesota visiting my sisters, we took a short trip up the Gunflint Trail to the Maple Hill Church. It was the only time the sun came out the whole time we were there. It lasted just long enough for us to get some photos. The autumn colors were beautiful.

Early Autumn

Changing Colors

It seems that the colors are changing earlier than usual this year. On my walk along the river yesterday I noticed a lot of the trees were changing. I'm off to visit my sisters in Minnesota. I'm hoping I haven't missed the fall colors there because it is beautiful up north this time of year. …


I haven't been out shooting much recently but yesterday we went up into the woods to see if the colors had started to change yet. They haven't. But we took a walk along the river and came across a bit logjam in the river. It didn't totally block the river but there was a big …