St. George, Utah – Sunset

I had hoped for a beautiful sunset. The clouds seemed to be just about right for it but it didn't materialize. The cloud were just too heavy. It was a nice evening though and there were some beautiful wildflowers around.

First Clouds in Two Months

Clouds on the horizon

It's beginning to feel a bit like autumn around here . . . at least for now. After weeks of 90-100 degree temperatures and no moisture, we finally had some cooler weather and some clouds. The clouds add a lot more drama to a photo than plain, blue, sunny skies. 🙂 Maralee

Golden Sunset

Golden Sunset

The smoke has pretty much cleared out of our area (at least for the time being) but we are still having some nice sunsets. I liked the cloud formations on this sunset Tuesday night. Maralee


Sun Rays

The evening of the Fourth of July clouded up and I didn't think there would be much of a sunset. But the clouds broke briefly and we had some beautiful sun rays. Maralee