Road Trip Part 3

Sun setting behind the Cascade Mountains

Because the sun is setting so early (around 4:30 pm) , we caught the sunset on our drive home over the mountains. It made it much harder to take photos from a moving vehicle, but I did what I could. Maralee

High in the Sky

We've been out-of-town visiting family in Las Vegas for a few days.  It was incredibly hot there - they had record-breaking highs the entire time we were there.  So, I didn't go outside to take photos very often.  110 degree heat and I don't get along very well. We had two beautiful flights on our …

Pilot Butte with iPhone

Yesterday was one of those outstanding, summer-like days.  Clear skies, sunshine, warm air.  A perfect day for another walk up Pilot Butte - this time with my iPhone. Even thought it's about 130 miles away from Bend, on a clear day like this you can see Mt. Hood in the distance. Maralee