Day 153 – Oregon Coast Bound

Maralee_Park_Day153_00009  Rogue River
Maralee_Park_Day153_00009 Rogue River

I’m finally getting around to editing my photos from our four-day trip to the Oregon Coast.  I think it will take me a few days to get caught up on my posts.

Maralee_Park_Day153_00008  Rogue River
Maralee_Park_Day153_00008 Rogue River

I’d been looking forward to that  short trip for a while.  I’ve lived by large bodies of water most of my life and I missed it.  We’ve lived on the high desert for the last twelve years and, although there are many lakes near us, none of them can compare with the ocean.

Maralee_Park_Day153_00005 Near Cape Sebastian
Maralee_Park_Day153_00005 Near Cape Sebastian

Whenever we travel, I’m always hoping for optimal photography weather.  But more often than not, the conditions aren’t what I’d like them to be but I’ve learned that sometimes the worst weather makes the best photographs.  This trip was one of those where the weather didn’t quite cooperate as much as I had hoped.

Maralee_Park_Day153_00004  Fog hanging over the ocean
Maralee_Park_Day153_00004 Fog hanging over the ocean

The trip started out on one of those warm, sunny, cloudless days and it was like that most of the trip.  We stopped at a short walking path along the Rogue River to take some photos.  It was the middle of the day and probably too bright to be getting the best photos.  But I had to work with what  I had.

By the time we got to the coast, it was socked in with fog.  Occasionally we’d find a spot where the fog wasn’t quite as thick and could get some photos of the sea stacks.  That evening it looked like the fog might lift to get some sunset shots but it never materialized.

Maralee_Park_Day153_00002  A foggy road
Maralee_Park_Day153_00002 A foggy road

But it was fun walking along the beach, listening to the waves crashing on the shore.  It brought back wonderful memories.

Maralee_Park_Day153_00001  Sunset
Maralee_Park_Day153_00001 Sunset


31 Replies to “Day 153 – Oregon Coast Bound”

  1. Bad weather or not it certainly produced marvelous photos… my favourite the one of the road, trees and fog or mist… hauntingly beautiful.. the sea shots are just as beautiful … They’re all damn good … I like the lot…magnificent..

    1. Thanks, Susan. I know what you mean about being a beach person. I grew up on Lake Superior, which looks like an ocean, and then moved to Hawaii. So I have been around large bodies of water most of my life. I am now landlocked and I really miss being on the water.

  2. I thought that it was neat in Oregon that there were large rocks in the ocean coastline. I don’t see that in California. Love the pics.

  3. Not easy to make a pick today … beautiful stunning all of them. The fog and the ocean I pick. Something magic in that – something about unknown. Same with the foggy road – what will be waiting around the corner. Maralee – you are so talent.

  4. Really lovely series. I love the road picture and the beach sunset. I used to live in Oregon and made several visits to the coast. Like you, I need an ocean fix now and then. I know the Oregon coast can be rather gloomy, but it never put me off. I love it, regardless of the weather.

  5. Between Hawaii and Oregon, I’m sure you do miss the ocean. We decided we have to get to the coast at least once a year. I missed it so much. Next I want to go to the north coast. We haven’t been to that part of Oregon yet.

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