Road Trip Part 3

Sun setting behind the Cascade Mountains

Because the sun is setting so early (around 4:30 pm) , we caught the sunset on our drive home over the mountains. It made it much harder to take photos from a moving vehicle, but I did what I could. Maralee

Autumn Sunset


We have had a lot of cloudy skies recently - fairly typical for autumn. But the clouds broke long enough for a nice sunset Thursday evening. There is snow on the mountains now but the skies haven't cleared long enough for me to get photographs of it yet. Maralee

Smoke Invasion

Smokey Sunset

After a week or so of smokeless skies, we have been invaded by smoke again. It is most likely from the new fire that erupted in Northern California this week.   I wasn't sure I wanted to go out to take sunset photos last night because of the thick smoke, but seeing the red sun …



We're still getting smoke from fires in the region. A big thunderstorm rolled through on Thursday night and caused multiple fires but fortunately most of them were caught early. Maralee

Sunset Last Night

Fiery sunset

With the smoke from the fires around us, there is a constant haze over us. This was last night's sunset with the sun setting  behind the mountains. Maralee