This past weekend we took a trip to Washington to watch my step-son compete in a Spartan "Beast" race in Snoqualmie. Race day started out with a thick coating of fog hanging over everything. I thought it was beautiful. It gave an ethereal feeling to the area. The fog eventually lifted and we enjoyed a …

Black and White Challenge: Day 3

I was invited by Steve Boer to do the 5 day black and white challenge.  I believe I'm supposed to nominate someone else to the challenge but so many of my readers have already done it that I'm going to challenge anyone who hasn't done it to do the challenge. Here's day 3: San Francisco


We had some interesting weather this week . . . snow, rain, sleet, ice, fog, sun.  It started to clear up yesterday but a small layer of fog was still lingering in this grove of trees. Maralee