Wood Ducks . . . and Other Water Fowl

Maralee_Park_130126_42360-Edit-EditMaralee_Park_130126_42357-EditWhile I was at the park looking for the barred owl, I stopped by the “duck pond” to check on the ducks.  I call it the duck pond because it seems all the ducks on the river congregate there.  While there, I saw a couple of wood ducks, which I had never seen before.  In fact, I wouldn’t have seen them this time if someone hadn’t pointed them out to me.  The were swimming in a shaded area among a bunch of other ducks and were difficult to see.

Maralee_Park_130127_42409-EditI took some photos but they were fairly dark (being that the ducks were in the shade) so I had to do a little work in NIK Viveza and Lightroom so they were identifiable.  They are gorgeous ducks.

Maralee_Park_130126_42368-Edit Maralee_Park_130126_42371-EditMaralee

7 Replies to “Wood Ducks . . . and Other Water Fowl”

  1. What magic captures… outstanding.. they look similar to some I’ve seen in dams here.. were captured ducks .. will have to dig out the photos as I could not ID them… maybe you done the job for me…

  2. The wooden ducks are very beautiful … but only to lure the real ducks … to be shot or maybe the are used to get more ducks into the pond. Love your real duck .. they just look like mine – but yours had sunshine .. have only grey days! The goose, because that is not a duck or … is stunning.

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