Duck in Winter

Last week we had a record amount of snow. I spent hours outdoors shoveling snow and raking snow off of our roof. The ducks seemed to have fared quite well with all the snow. Maralee

Unusual Mallard

White Mallard

I first saw this mallard a year ago and wasn't sure what it was. I doesn't have the coloring of a mallard - in fact, it doesn't have much coloring at all. It hangs around with other mallards in the area. This time it came out of the water and walked right up to me. …

Duck Reflections

I came across this duck sitting on a fly-fishing practice ring when I was down at the river looking for my osprey. Alas, I think the osprey have abandoned the nest. I haven't seen any activity at the nest for the past week. I don't know what happened but it makes me sad. But the …