Day 166 – Firecracker Sunflowers

Maralee_Park_Day 166_00003
Maralee_Park_Day 166_00003

I love sunflowers.  Whatever color or size they are, I love them.  My favorite is the great, big monster sunflower.  I went to a local garden center hoping to find one of the big sunflower plant (or even seeds) and everyone else must like them too because there wasn’t a giant sunflower plant or see to be found.

Maralee_Park_Day 166_00001
Maralee_Park_Day 166_00001

I did find a very pretty firecracker sunflower plant though so I picked up a couple and planted them in my garden.  When they are through blooming, I will save the heads to use the seeds for next year.

Maralee_Park_Day 166_00005
Maralee_Park_Day 166_00005

While I was shooting the sunflowers, a butterfly landed on another plant nearby so I tried to photograph it.  It was hiding behind  one of the plants and I knew if I tried to move closer it would fly off.  It flew off anyway so this was the best shot I got of it.

Maralee_Park_Day 166_00004
Maralee_Park_Day 166_00004


11 Replies to “Day 166 – Firecracker Sunflowers”

  1. Why are butterflies so shy? I have taken photos of bees and all sorts of other insects on plants but butterflies, none. They sit long enough for me to focus and when I press the button to capture they’re gone… I love these photos you’ve taken… beautiful…

    1. I haven’t seen too many butterflies around yet this year. Now that the flowers are starting to bloom, there will probably be more. This was was unusual because I don’t remember seeing a black and white butterfly before.

  2. Stunning flowers … so strong and big, just as you said – monster to flowers … and the photos are great as always, especially the photo with the 2 flowers. My pick is the blue and yellow field.

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