Day 165 – Sunset


The clouds were forming last night (I’m a day behind again) that made me think we might have a nice sunset.  So I headed up to Pilot Butte where we have a 360 degree view of the area.  I wasn’t disappointed.


As with most sunsets, after the sun goes behind the horizon, most people leave.  But the best part of the sunset is usually within about 20 minutes after the sun disappears.  The changing colors were gorgeous.

I always look behind me when I watch a sunset because often the colors behind are just as beautiful.



17 Replies to “Day 165 – Sunset”

  1. I did a daily post commitment the first six months of my posting experience. Eventually I chose to give it up and back off to every weekday and now to whenever I feel like it. It was freeing to give up the weekends.

    I enjoy seeing your photos.

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