Day 142 – Mowing the Lawn


We have a family of rock chucks, aka yellow-bellied marmots, aka whistling pigs, who live in a field behind our office.  I haven’t seen them for a while, but today they came out to eat.  They look as if they’re mowing the lawn – head down in the grass, grazing forward.


It appears we have 2 adults and 4 babies.  They’re pretty skittish and I had to take the photos through a window and crop them.  When they were here this morning, the whole family was there.  But when I went to get my camera, the noise frightened them away.  This afternoon I was ready, but only the babies came out to graze.


These critters were constantly moving so it was hard to get sharp focus.


19 Replies to “Day 142 – Mowing the Lawn”

  1. Maralee, you have a mini zoo there in your back yard …. very cute – I suppose they are very flexiable those things. You did a good job anyhow.

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