Day 141 – Macro Lens


While I was in Portland, I picked up a new macro lens at Pro Photo Supply.  The people there were very helpful and knowledgeable and I narrowed it down to a 90mm Tamron macro lens.  It helped that there is a $50 rebate going on now.


Today I went out to try it out.  It will take some getting used to after using a zoom lens for so long.  A tripod is helpful.  I just took a couple different perspectives of a pine cone and some patina on a ceramic pot I have.  I look forward to working more with this lens.



27 Replies to “Day 141 – Macro Lens”

  1. WOW! Beautiful shots from your new lens. The pine cone is my favoriate. Can’t wait to see more of your photos with new lens. Makes me think about getting one.


  2. That’s what I miss on my little compact camera – a good macro …. my canon macro lense are super – but all laying there now, maybe I should sell my lenses , because even if I buy a new SDL camera they say that my lenses will not fit. The last photo is my pick for today.

      1. Yes, it’s all about making more money … and to sell them will not give much back neither. Maybe there is a good compact with a very good marco and I can have 2 small.

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