Day 143 – Hazelnut Macro


I picked up a couple of hazelnuts off the sidewalk today and thought they would be a good subject to practice with my new macro lens.  These nuts were about the size of a dime and I was happy to see how well the macro lens picked up the detail on such a small subject.


On the leaf I was trying to take a photo of a water drop. I put the water drop on the leaf myself and when I went to take the photo, there was a bubble on the water drop.  The drop itself had flattened out a bit, but the bubble was still there.



17 Replies to “Day 143 – Hazelnut Macro”

      1. Like the idea of .. turning the other lenses !!!! It’s really a fantastic video with very simple tricks. By the way your films and cd’s will be posted tomorrow.

  1. I really like the affects of the macro lens. Enhancing smaller objects really brings out their essence. It’s fun to examine the results – it gives you more perspective on your life and gives you more focus. All these changes and activities happening right under our noses and it is all too easy to become oblivious to them. Your photos help me to be more mindful of my environment, and to recognize the significance of how a tiny hazelnut or a drop of water caught just before it lands on a leaf can easily trigger a smile and an ahhhhhhh.

  2. What Joanna said! Even though I know I’ve got a new camera waiting for me at home (birthday gift), I can see that my next lens purchase is going to be a macro. Lovely work, and I know it’s the person behind the lens that makes it so!

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