Day 144 – More Experimenting – Macro and Water


This blog I owe to Viveka at  She sent me a video on macro photography that inspired me (click here).  I thought it would be fun to experiment with some of the colors.


I didn’t have a lot of time to work with it and I don’t have a light box (still working on getting that set up) so there is a bit of reflection in the glass.  I’d like to try this again sometime when I have more time.


The rainbow shot was across the street from my house and just a quick shot before it faded away.



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22 Replies to “Day 144 – More Experimenting – Macro and Water”

  1. Maralee, that was quick …. fantastic!!! To be the first attempt – brilliant – think you have been a bit too heavy on the color – smaller drops and fewer. The rainbow is fantastic !!!! What a stunning website I needed up on – stunning photos, Maralee – love the one with the red canoes and the mountains in the clouds – and my favorites are in the portfolio too – you’re seriously good – going back to look at Italy – must have looked at 400 pictures this morning.

    1. Thanks, Viveka. I’ll be doing more experimenting with the water and color. I agree about the color – I was using the drops straight from the food coloring bottles. I think I’ll have to dilute it a bit and then use an eyedropper.

      1. She did use an eyedropper. The liquid in the little food color bottles comes out in little drops but it’s pretty concentrated. I’ll have to get an eyedropper to work with diluted coloring.

      2. Looking forward to see .. your photos! Also your parcel went today – so I hope that you can watch the Wallander DVD’s but everybody tells me that using VSO program they will be okay anywhere in the world.

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