Day 137 – A Beautiful Evening


As I was driving up my driveway this evening, this quail in a tree caught my eye.  I don’t usually see them up in the trees – they’re usually running across the yard.  She stayed still long enough for me to grab my camera and take some shots.


We have a ground cover that is flowering and is covering areas of our yard.  It’s pretty while it lasts.


And a golden sunset to end the day.  🙂

Tomorrow I leave to go to Portland to watch my granddaughter compete in a gymnastics competition.  I don’t have a laptop so I won’t be able to do my daily post until I return.  Rest assured, I will be taking my daily photographs and will post each day when I get back.



18 Replies to “Day 137 – A Beautiful Evening”

  1. Beautiful. I like the third one the most. Have a great trip and good luck and best wishes for your granddauther in her competition.


    1. Thanks, Judy. I’m excited to see Kainoa compete. She’s doing so well. She’s ranked #1 in the country in her age division. She does a type of gymnastics called “tramp and tumbling.” It’s different from the traditional gymnastics.

  2. Beautiful … again, but what to except from you. Love the sunset photo. Quails – I never seen for real, not what I can remember. Have a fantastic weekend .. and I be here waiting.

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