Simon, Theodore, or . . . ALVIN?

Maralee_Park_130423_46144-EditMaralee_Park_130423_46126-EditNormally, chipmunks won’t wait around for you to adjust your camera to take their photos.  They are fast little critters.  But this one looks like he had just eaten a full meal and had food to spare in his cheeks.

Maralee_Park_130423_46118-EditHe must have been weighted down because he wasn’t running away.  He darted into the rocks but then emerged on the other side and sat there while I took his photo.


19 Replies to “Simon, Theodore, or . . . ALVIN?”

  1. Never seen a chipmunk in real life …. they are so cute and adorable. Your photos are very good, because I understand they are very quick on their feet, as you say. Last photo is my pick.

      1. Thanks Maralee. I wondered how you got enough light in what seemed like a not very bright situation, yet kept the shot sharp. Because even though the little guy was posing for you, I’m pretty sure he didn’t sit perfectly still.

        Thanks for taking the time to get back to me.

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