The Birds Do It . . .

Maralee_Park_130422_46026-EditIt is spring and a time when thoughts turn to love . . . at least it seemed so with these two little birdies.

Maralee_Park_130422_46025Believe it or not, both birds were about the same size.  I think the back one was just puffing himself up to impress the lady.


18 Replies to “The Birds Do It . . .”

  1. And he seems to have success…
    She looks as if she has some kind of admiring grin on her face…
    Let’s hope for her, that his show grounds on reliability and personality. Or is he a feathered Casanova?

  2. Brilliant catch …. yes, the birds to it everywhere just now … This is spring feelings – and it’s everywhere in the nature those days. Love this romantic post, Maralee .. thanks for the big smile that my face got. He is massive to her, I’m sure she caught the “captain of the football team” – that’s why she look so pleased.

    1. I can’ t bite back this question, based on my european experiences and point of view:”Isn’t the captain of the Football team big, strong, dumb and cocky?” And if so – is she really happy about his interest, if she is not his female counterpart?
      Very curious about your answers! 😉

      1. I would say .. that he than are the captain. *smile
        I have heard that birds are not that smart .. big and cocky we have proof on.
        Could be … that she has it in her too.

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