Our Annual Threat

Maralee_Park_130423_46085-EditLiving on the high desert, the summers here are usually very hot and dry.  July and August are wildfire season and we are on a constant lookout for forest fires.

It has been an unusually dry winter here, which makes the threat of wildfire even greater. So when I saw this huge plume of smoke rising to the sky on Tuesday, my first thought was of an early wildfire.  This shot was taken from my driveway at home.  Fortunately, this was a controlled burn.  But I’m not the only one who was concerned – the 9-1-1 dispatch was overwhelmed with people calling about the fire.

Let’s hope we don’t see this too often this summer.

8 Replies to “Our Annual Threat”

  1. I really press my thumbs, that you won’t have any big fires this season! I have seen in Yellowstone Park and at the côte d’azur, what devastations such wildfires can cause. I know that there are landscapes that need these fires, but they cause so many damage.

  2. Yes that is a scary feeling. That is the problem when you live in the country. We almost lost the house two years ago. There is a lot of pine up here……I shudder when I see your photo.

  3. and our fire season is now nearing… the winter dry brings up the winds and when one has had a good rainy season like we have just had the grass will be difficult to control burn this year…

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