Day 331 – A Handsome Fellow

I went home on my lunch hour today and this handsome fellow was sitting in my back yard.  I didn’t want to startle him so I tried to take a photo through our sliding glass door, but there was a tree in the way that blocked part of him.  I quietly went through the door and he just sat there looking at me.

It’s a fairly young buck – only has  3 points.  He was in our yard earlier this week with the doe (maybe there will be more fawns in the spring?) and the two fawns that have been here throughout the summer.  This buck was limping but seems to be getting around okay.

That’s the sad part about having deer living among us – they’re safe from hunters, but not from the many vehicles on the roads.


4 Replies to “Day 331 – A Handsome Fellow”

    1. Thanks, Rob. Its one of the things I love about living here . . . the wildlife. We live on the edge of town and there is a lot of open space around us so we get quite a bit of wildlife. Mostly small animals like raccoons, skunks. But I love the deer.

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