Big Ol’ Buck

Yesterday this big ol' buck visited us for the day. I went out on my deck to photograph him and he certainly wasn't afraid of me. While the does and fawns will run, this big guy just stared me down. Maralee

Deer Family

We had a couple of does and fawns spend the day in our yard over the weekend. The babies have lost their spots and are getting bigger, but still staying close to mom. Maralee  

Broken Antler

This young buck was in our back yard most of the day yesterday. When he tried to remove his broken antler on a newly planted tree, I had to make him move on . . . I was afraid he was going to break my tree. Maralee

A Mother’s Love

This doe and her fawn were hanging out in our back yard when I got home from work yesterday. I don't like to disturb the wildlife so I took these photos through a window standing on a step-ladder so I could get above the railing on our back deck. They're not as sharp as I'd …

Mommy Deer-est

We regularly have does and their babies in our yard over the summer. This momma was with her baby in our back yard but baby was a little shy and didn't want its photo taken. Maralee